Fierfek’s Premium Pepakura Files

 If you are interested in a file, send me a private message here or on Facebook. You can also simply leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I accept payment via PayPal.



New files will be added here as they are completed.

(click on images for detailed information)


G.I. Joe











Judge Dredd Comic




Kamen Rider








Iron Man 2










Iron Man 3







The First Avenger/ The Winter Soldier




The Invincible Iron Man (Comic)




Hawkeye (Comic)








Mortal Kombat


















Skull Man




Snow White and the Huntsman




Star Trek




Starship Troopers




Star Wars

Episode I: The Phantom Menace







Episode II: Attack of the Clones







Episode III: Revenge of the Sith






Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
















Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Expanded Universe (Legends)















































Knights of the Old Republic
















The Clone Wars

































The Old Republic

















































Steven Universe





71 thoughts on “Fierfek’s Premium Pepakura Files”

  1. Hey. I was just wondering if you have any stormtrooper pep files. Also if you do are you able to make it to my dimensions before sending me the files? Last but not least also do you have the femtrooper files with the half chest plate for the girls? Thanks for your help.

  2. I was wondering how much your files were? In particular the sith acolyte armor and mask. Some others I am interested in are the republic trooper, darth malgus’s armor and headpiece, and imperial trooper. Thanks! BTW, your work is amazing!

  3. You helmets are amazing … I am looking for the asajj ventress bounty hunter helmet and any of the Star Wars Rebels helmet my son is a huge fan of the show … Kind regards

  4. I have no idea how to work with these files, so please excuse me if I don’t explain myself well. I am very interested in the Zam Wesell helmet and want to reproduce it myself. But do I print these myself or have to have software? Please send an email and explain to the newbie? Thanks!

  5. Hi there fierfek. Any chance of the episode vii stormtrooper pep file please. If yes just let me know price and your paypal. Thx for your time.


  6. I’m incredibly interested in the Jedi Knight/Sith Acolyte file, but I was also curious about a couple things. How easy is it to scale the design to a person’s particular size? Also, does using the card stock work well with vacuum molding or maybe using wonderflex/worbla? Thanks for reading!

  7. HI, im deff in the market for the tor bounty hunter kit you have up. also im in the process of building a havoc trooper but cant find the gauntlets anywhere? any ideas please on what to look towards?
    thanks vod

    your work is awesome!

  8. I would definitely be interested in buying the sith acolyte armor and mask! If you could email me with payment instructions that would be awesome! Thanks!

  9. Hi how much will star wars ep7 stormtrooper helmet pep file cost? and are the pep files locked can I scale it up and down to fit me and my son?

  10. Hello, id be interested in the Jedi knight/sith acolyte file with the mask and the republic trooper armor with the helmet. Are they already unfolded or do I need to do that myself? Thank you.

  11. Didn’t I hear somewhere that you had HD original trilogy Stormtrooper armor pep files? I don’t see them in the ones above, but figured I’d ask to make sure. If you did have them around somewhere, I might be interested. Thanks!

  12. I am interested in the Jedi knight and Sith acolyte pep files, the acolyte mask, the republic trooper armor, and the republic trooper helmet.

  13. Hi im interested on the StarWars TOR sith acolyte full armor, it will be a great help for me to finish my started cosplay project with the started 3D printer, the prizes are actually the same? With the Pepakura files I can get the 3D object file for me to customize? Thank you, Im new with all these of paperCraft.

  14. I am interested in purchasing the “Star Wars Galaxies Mandalorian Death Watch” Armor. Just a quick question, is the whole set in one file or is it split up, because I’m not sure how to resize a whole set to my body.

  15. Hi I’m interested in your malgus files. I’ve never worked with a pep file before. Can I print with a regular printer and transfer to eva foam?

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