“What program do you recommend using to open these files?”

You’ll need to download Pepakura Viewer or Designer to use the files. You can get it here


“What material do you recommend using to construct these?”

110 lb Card Stock works best for a paper build and EVA foam matting for a foam build.


“What will I receive?”

You will receive a zip file containing PDO files to be used for Pepakura or STL files for 3D printing.


“Can the files be re-scaled?”

Yes, the files come unlocked for re-scaling, unless noted otherwise.


“Can I 3D print the Pepakura files or have the original 3D files for this purpose?”

I don’t recommend or approve of 3D printing models made for Pepakura files since they were not designed for this purpose and will require a lot of remodeling work that yields very poor results at best.  However, I have 3D print files available that are specifically optimized and designed for 3D printing.


“How do you accept payment?”

I accept payment exclusively via PayPal. For more information send me a private message here


“Can you make me the physical finished product?”

Maybe,  I do now accept commissions for custom costume and prop fabrication.


“Do you accept commissions for making files?”

Yes, I do take commissions now and then. If you are interested in proposing a commission, simply send me a PM here. In the message please  include details, pictures, and any specifications that you have in mind for your project and I’ll see what I can do for you.


“Do you have any sales?”

Yes, I occasionally have special promotions. So, please check here often for any announcements.


“What other services do you offer?”

I offer various services for Pepakura files, 3D printing, and character design. For more details see this page here.


Can a file be exchanged or refunded for any reason?

All sales are final once the files are sent.


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