Project Builds

Hi Guys,

Here’s a Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger/Imperial Cadet helmet that I’ve been working on. I did my best to achieve both a high level of accuracy and versatile design functionality.

This helmet is scaled to comfortably accommodate head sizes up to 24”. There will be plenty of room for padding, cooling fans, and other essential electronics for trooping.

Accurate Vinyl decal sets including stickers for the different color schemes are available. (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

The helmets will be cast in durable white polyurethane resin and will include:
– Tinted visor

Here’s an AT-DP Pilot helmet that I’ve been working on.
This is by far one of my favorite designs from the series and is very reminiscent of the late and great Ralph McQuarrie Snowtrooper concept. There are all kinds of subtle references to the Original Trilogy costumes as well, such as the cogs on the side of the helmet that appear to be similar to the one on the Imperial Officer hat.

The helmets are  cast in durable white urethane resin and  include:
-X2 Aerators
-X2 Tinted lenses

Accurate Vinyl decal set including stickers for both color schemes will also be available

Here’s a finished helmet painted and with the decals applied.

Here’s how the AT-DP Pilot helmet looks in the alternate Imperial Troop Transport Pilot color scheme.



4 thoughts on “Project Builds”

  1. Hello Fierfek,

    I’m very interested in the AT-DP/ITT helmet, and would like to know whether you still have some on stock or produce them. Please contact me on my email!

    Best regards,

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